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Best Professional Rug Cleaning Service In Your Area:

Carpet and rug cleaning

Cassim Rug Gallery offers high-quality rug cleaning. We clean all types of rugs & carpets made of  wool, silk, bamboo silk, viscose, cotton, jute, alpaca etc.

Get your rugs professionally hand wash. Please visit the store or simply contact us to request pickup & delivery service for some additional charge. Rug cleaning is a delicate process and there are so many process involved in order to get the desired result from cleaning.

We efficiently clean the rug and restore it to its original appearance.

We take care of your rug if there are:

  • Animal accident
  • Spot removal
  • Color run

Get a Professional Rug Cleaning Service



How much it costs to get an area rug cleaned?

Cleaning price varies based on kind of service requested. We normally charge $3 per square feet for deep cleaning. There is additional charge for stain removal, pet urine etc.

What is the best way to clean my rugs?

Contact professional rug company like us. We clean all kinds of rugs for example wool, silk, viscose, bamboo, shag, cotton, jute , Alpaca and machine made rugs.

Can I take a rug to the dry cleaners?

Dry cleaners are not expert in rug cleaning, rug should be cleaning by rug professionals.

Is it worth to clean area rugs?

To maintain the appearance and quality it is recommended to clean the rug every couple years.

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