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Best Expert Rug Cleaning and Repair Service in the area

Get the rug cleaning and repair services from professionals.

We offer one of the best rug cleaning and repair service, we have inhouse professionals with over 20 years in experience and knowledgeable repair man who are fit to do any kind of job. We also offer pick up & delivery.

repair restoration services

Rug Repair and Restoration

In order for an area rug and carpet to retain its value, care is necessary. 

This includes a rug restoration. Because without professional rug repairs, small, unnoticeable damage to the fringes or edges will only get bigger.

Professional Restoration: We repair and restore your rugs according to the old craftsmanship.

Use of Original Material: Among other things, we use materials from the countries of origin of the rugs.

Rug Cleaning

As a professional, we recommend you to get your rugs and carpets cleaned every 2-3 years to maintain its value.

All aspects of cleaning can be individually adapted to your needs. We clean all the dirt and grimes which are deeply rooted and get the original shine and texture.

We understand the nature of each carpet and know exactly how to clean it.

Proffesional Rug Cleaning Services

We do all kinds of rug cleaning and repair!


Can a rug be repaired?

Yes any rug can be repaired, we can fix any thing, like fringe adding or remove, hand wrapping/binding the sides, reweaving, color match.

How much it cost to restore a rug?

We recommend going to the store directly or call us to get an idea. Each rug is different and we can only give you estimate on the phone but for actual quote we need to see the rug in person.

How much it cost to reweave a rug?

Please visit or call the store to get an idea, we need to see how much work is needed and time is involved.

Do you clean rugs?

Yes we professionally deep clean rug at our cleaning facility.

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