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The Best Rug & Carpet Repair Service in your area.

At Cassim Rug Gallery we are professionals in rug & carpet repair, whether in the renewal of fringes, knot repair, edge renewal we repair everything, and above all the complete restoration of an area rug carpet.

To achieve the best results, we use original carpet wool for restoration work, which we obtain directly from the respective countries of origin of the oriental rugs.

The side edges and the fringes are among the most frequently worn areas on a carpet/rug. Concerning the difference in height between the pile and the sub-floor, such areas are exposed to enormous wear and tear. Defective margins can be removed entirely and replaced with new ones, or the original fabric can be restored and rebuilt. We would be happy to advise you personally on rugs and carpet.

Rug Cleaning before repair and restoration is highly recommended as sewing a dusty rug can affect the quality and life of the rug.

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Our Rug and Carpet Repair Services includes:


carpet repair fringe repair

Due to lots of wear and tear, edges of the rugs can cause the knots to unravel. We renew or repair the edges to stop further damage. If there are any hole/damage on the rugs, we completely reweave the rugs by using the traditional weaving method and using the original materials.


rug repair and side binding

We can professionally fix the frayed rug sides by hand wrapping/binding and secure it.


carpet Repair

We can put new fringes on your rugs and carpet, fringes are the most common thing that needs repairing, we straighten and trim the fringes if possible. Otherwise we try to restore and add new fringes.


touch up dyeing

We apply some touch-up on the fibers on the area where the color has faded due to wear and tear or exposure to sunlight.


rug resizing

We resize rug to your desire and make sure that the rug looks that way to begin with by adding side binding the edges.

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How much it cost to repair carpet/rugs?

We recommend going to the store directly or call us to get an idea. Each rug is different and we can only give you estimate on the phone but for actual quote we need to see the rug in person.

Can a rug be repaired?

We Yes any rug can be repaired, we can fix any thing, like fringe adding or remove, hand wrapping/binding the sides, reweaving, color match.

How do you repair damaged rugs/carpet?

We use the same method of manufacturing to reweave or restore the unraveling edges.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace rugs?

If the rug has sentimental values then it is worth to get it repaired, cost can be calculated based on the amount of work and time.

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